Gábor Városi - Stories, Artworks, Artistic periods

13 Biography 1965 Born on December 10, 1965. The second and last child to be born alive of five children to military officer László Városi and journalist Anna Jeges. His brother older by four years to Gábor, László Városi, who became a lawyer, died in 2019, seven years after their parents. 1980-84 Secondary School of Visual Arts, as the student of Zoltán Tölg-Molnár, István Gábor artists, György László Sáros DLA architect, Zsuzsa Pál and Ágnes Ék literary aesthetician, and Dr. Péter Kőszeghy professor of history. 1984-85 Four months of military service, followed by discharge due to mental incapacity based on information from relevant textbooks. The “Transylvania tour” taking place until college, during which, together with Attila Jászberényi, he smuggles medicines and Bibles into the Hungarian-inhabited areas of Romania. 1985-89 Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts, Department of Painting. As student of the masters Ignác Kokas, and later Gábor Dienes. 1989 – 2004 Master of Fine Arts at the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts, in parallel with the Faculty of Philosophy and Sociology at Eötvös Loránd University. 1985 – to the present He has visited more than 90 countries. He photographs his travels using the best analogue and digital techniques available, creating portraits and landscapes. 1992 Construction of the first “Sculpture House” - followed by 20 more. 2000 Zen Studios - game software development company founded with Zsolt Kígyóssy 2015: the company won the prestigious award from the US games rating agency Metacritic considered Oscar award in game developing. 2004 Shambala Home 2010 Art Home 2016 Invitation to the anonymus international competition for the design of the Museum of Ethnography 2022 Poets’ Garden project 2006 – 2022 Glass sculptures - a further reflection on Jean Tinguely’s kinetic and Nicholas Shöffer’s cybernetic sculptures. Monumentality and movement. Glass masks - inspired by Matisse and Picasso, “primitive and ancient” compositions bent into glass. 2019 – to the present New abstract expressionist paintings created during the lockdown due to the pandemic. The work continues. 2022 – to the present NFT, Metaverse Discovering Web3 - using new technology that brings the audiences closer to him.