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89 Brazil – It is a gorgeous place, but that alone would not have brought me back so many times. What has always amazed me and still does is the people’s zest for life. How different they are from us. That they are honest, open, and quite naive compared to us – of course, we fooled them with the tickets! They smile at you and trust you. Where I came from, depression and anxiety were typical – it’s no wonder that many of my role models, my peers and my teachers have quit the game of life prematurely. Brazil is so very different. Obviously, there are many bad things there too, crime, poverty, twisted politics, the burning of the rainforest - I don’t want to pretend that these things don’t exist, but Brazilians live much healthier, both spiritually and physically. All my life I have tried to have a similar attitude to people, business and creation. This can sometimes seem irritating and irresponsible, but I prefer to go with the flow rather than wading toward my goals.